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We develop online courses for NYT best-selling authors, TED speakers, social media authorities and those with something to say.

Our team of world-class editors, producers and marketers will research what your audience wants, structure your curriculum, produce your course videos, manage the technical development and handle your marketing.

You bring the knowledge, we do the rest.


Distillation & Finishability

In today’s world of never-ending news-feeds and more content than one could hope to consume, we cut through the noise by creating comprehensive, tightly curated online courses.

We help clients create their definitive resource – the thing their audience will talk about for years to come and be the foremost resource of an industry.

We learn From
History’s Best

We believe that the past illuminates the future. We’re astute students of history, and our innovations are informed by lessons from the past.

We’re inspired by publishers, agencies and labels that have stood the test of time. Like Churchill, we believe “the longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward.”


We Build Brands That Last

The world of courses and online marketing is known for gimmicks and cheap sales tactics. We set ourselves apart by holding the programs we create to the highest standards.

Our courses are successful because they solve real problems. We help clients build brands that last.

Meet Our Clients

Brett Bartholomew
Art of Coaching
Best-selling author of Conscious Coaching; coach to NFL athletes, NBA players, U.S. special forces and consultant to Fortune 500 companies.
Dr Mona Vand
Hot & Healthy
One of the most hotly followed health influencers on Instagram.
Steve Ramsey
The Weekend Woodworker
Host of the YouTube channel Woodworking for Mere Mortals, with over 140,000,000 views.
Rising Tide U
The Autism Advantage
A social enterprise with the mission to increase employment of adults with autism. Course funded by the University of Miami.
What Our
Clients Say
The weekend woodworker
Steve Ramsey

“This is a fully loaded, professional approach to establishing an online course, and the end result is something I could never have accomplished on my own.

Course Concierge has effectively changed my business strategy and provided me with a powerful solution for engaging my customers and providing them with a unique course unlike any other on the internet.”

Steve Ramsey
Hot & Healthy
Dr Mona Vand

“This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Course Concierge far and away exceeded all my expectations, and I just felt really supported. The entire process was so professional, and I’m really proud of the final course. It’s something I know I can stand by.”

Dr Mona Vand
Managing happiness
David Henzel

“Working with Course Concierge was such an amazing experience. They delivered an amazing product and I really didn’t have to do anything [outside of bringing my expertise]. Working with their editor, they helped me extract my content out of my head. In the case you’re ever thinking about creating a course, I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

David Henzel
Art of coaching
Brett Bartholomew

“Working with Course Concierge is like stumbling across the world’s greatest Swiss Army knife, when originally all you were looking for was one tool. They excel at taking your message and helping you convey it in a manner that's practical and professional, while also making it feel incredibly personal to your audience. I'm incredibly grateful for their help and I look forward to it becoming a partnership that continues for years to come.”

Brett Bartholomew
How does it work?

Our Process

1. Customer Research
We help you understand your audience to a degree you never have before. After conducting in-depth surveys, interviewing members of your audience, and niche research, we will present you with a detailed plan of what course to create and how it will set itself apart.
2. Editorial & Curriculum Design
We work with you to develop a comprehensive curriculum that fully engages your audience so they successfully complete your course and start applying what they’ve learned.
3. Production and Film
Your course will be professionally filmed in stunning quality. We’ll scout a location that’s tailored to you and help you prepare to present your material so you feel confident and look your best on camera.
4. Technical development
Every aspect of your online course will be designed beautifully, and on brand. It will be built with the most advanced yet simple-to-use technical solutions, on a website that you own.
5. Marketing & Client Acquisition
Using the most sophisticated direct response, paid advertising and email marketing campaigns, we will make your course the industry-leading product. We will handle customer support, split-test your funnels, manage re-launches and forge relationships with promotional partners.
Who We Are
Founded By
Till H. Gross
Till ran his own online course business, building a world-wide community before the courses were acquired in 2018. He's given two TEDx talks (2.5M views combined) and has spoken at events such as the European Congress for Psychology and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. He was nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and his work has been featured on national television and outlets such as Entrepreneur, Lifehacker and The Tim Ferriss Podcast.
Edward M. Druce
For seven years Edward worked alongside entrepreneur and self-development speaker Matthew Hussey. Edward assisted Matthew in growing a world-renowned life-coaching organization, launching an instant New York Times best-selling book and producing videos seen by hundreds of millions of people. He advised on email marketing for The Spectator during the magazine’s most successful period in its 189-year history. Edward is a TEDx speaker and author of This Is Where to Start (2015).
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