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What is Course Concierge?

Course Concierge is a boutique online course production company that creates beautiful, high-end online courses for entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders, consultants and service businesses.

Our team of world-class editors and marketers will channel your expertise to identify the angle of your course, outline it with you, film it and set up a fully automated, high-converting sales funnel.

You bring the knowledge, we do the rest – while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

We know that the world of courses and online marketing is known for gimmicks and cheap sales tactics.

We set ourselves apart by holding the programmes we create to the highest standards.

Our courses are successful because they solve real problems.

We help clients build something that lasts and strengthens their brand.

Who should create a course?

Written a book or built a large following?
Create an online course to:

  • Monetize your content and expertise
  • Create behavior change with a wonderfully immersive learning experience (a book can’t check in on you, a course can)
  • Develop a scalable passive revenue stream
  • Foster a sense of community with a members’ area, comments and interaction
  • Marshal your material and the best things you’ve been saying in podcast interviews, blog articles and elsewhere into one organised product

Run a service or consulting business?
Create a course to:

  • Generate qualified, pre-vetted clients to harness your client acquisition process
  • Expand your reach through a scalable product
  • Serve the people who want to work with you but who can’t yet afford your services
  • Gain a passive revenue stream
  • Build your email list of raving fans

Clients we’ve worked with...


Dr. MonaHealth influencer and personal nutritionist of Russell Simmons. 

David Henzel Co-Founder of MaxCDN. Active member of Young Entrepreneur Council.

David Henzel

Brian Smith – Serial entrepreneur. Fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School, active member of Young Entrepreneur Council.

Rising Tide U – Social enterprise with the mission to employ adults with autism. Course funded by the University of Miami.


Our clients have been featured in...

How does it work?

Our team of world-class editors, videographers, copywriters, developers, designers and marketers work seamlessly to turn your knowledge into your first course.

Our finely tuned process consists of five parts:


Customer Research

We investigate your audience and analyze your market to present you with a customer avatar. You will know exactly who you are serving, their biggest pain points and what course to create.


Content Coaching

We help you marshal your content, decide on the perfect angle and outline your entire course. We’ll provide you with talking points at every step, as well as coaching you on delivery, so that when it comes time to record your course, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it.



Your course will be filmed in stunning quality, in a professional studio.


Copywriting & Funnel Setup

We will set up a fully automated sales funnel with high-converting marketing copy. Everything will be designed beautifully and built with the most advanced yet simple-to-use technical solutions.



We will launch your course with a bang!

Who are we?


Till H. Gross

Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Course Concierge, Till ran his own online course business while studying at the University of Chicago. Leveraging evidence-based therapy concepts he helped young people overcome social anxiety and created a world-wide community. Till has spoken at events such as the European Congress for Psychology and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, as well as given two TEDx talks that have been watched by over two million people. He lives with his wife and two kids in Los Angeles.

Edward Druce


Edward spent seven years working alongside entrepreneur and self-development speaker Matthew Hussey. Edward assisted Matthew in growing a world-renowned life-coaching organization: managing Matthew’s website and marketing operations, launching an instant New York Times best-selling book, and producing videos seen by hundreds of millions of people. Edward is the author of This Is Where to Start and is a TEDx speaker.

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We only work with clients whose products we believe in, delivering our best with care and attention.

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